The numbered items below give who are the drives of the Street Eyes Service. 
Then it is, in alpha sorted, per Structure / City or Town contact person so as to verify the service.

Please feel free to contact any of them by phone or email. 
You are also welcome to give me, as bold on the top of the list, a missed call and he will phone back / immediately / as soon as possible / if he forgets give me 2 missed calls right after one another so he know to return Your call and Apologize. 

Please also leave any comments below and we want comments and even criticism.
That is what let's us grow and improve. 
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Les CassFounder / Patent Holder / Technology Innovator+27748618188Land
Les CassFounder / Patent Holder / Technology Innovator+27748618188Land
A SAPS Col. Moses Maepha     
B Limpopo Moses Malda     
B SANACO 2 Secretary Ms Sylvia Matsogo     
B SANACO 1 President Lorence Bale     
C Cape Eastern (CE) Developer     
C KZN (KZ) Developer      
D Matlosana Victor      
200.. Cape Eastern     
200. Cape Northern     
200. Cape Western     
01. National Developer and Co-Ordinator Johan Pretorius  +2745557733  
02. Software Development  Donald Jansen +27797798179 
03. Device Manufacturer and Supplier Dewald Brand  +27828744521 
04. Site Layout Planner and Implamenter Daniel van Rensburg +27724052211 
05. Documentation and Marketing Materials 
06. Legal Debt Management and Trust Administration 
101. SANACO Office     
100. Street Eyes Primary Co-Operative Chairperson     
Showing 21 items